Where to turn for help with Medicare questions and senior care issues

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This Saturday, October 8th, 2016, from 9a – 2p, Michele will be providing SHINE consultations at   Grace Lutheran Church’s Health Fair!


When faced with daunting life challenges, know there are resources available to help face those obstacles.

Locally, and throughout Florida, SHINE volunteers can help with all questions related to health insurance/Medicare and Area Agency on Aging can help with a great many other issues facing seniors.


How to Pay for Assisted Living, part 2

Another excerpt from our Consumer Guide to Senior Living Options.

Costs vary from community to community, and from city to city.  Some charge a la carte for an array of care services using a point system, some charge for levels of care, while others offer only all-inclusive rates whether you need a little care or a lot of hands-on care.  It is important to know what is included in your fees and what is extra.

You can arrange for an in-home assessment to identify if moving into an assisted living community is the right next step for the health and safety of your loved one. 

We will share selections from the Guide, here at the Assisted Living Navigator™ blog, on occasion, but you may contact us at any time for your personal copy

How to Pay for Assisted Living, part 1

Another excerpt from our Consumer Guide to Senior Living Options.

Most assisted living is paid for privately by the resident and/or his family. 

For certain low-income residents with few assets, Florida’s Statewide Medicaid Managed Care Long-term Care (SMMC-LTC) program pays part of monthly fees at a participating facility.  Medicaid LTC program doesn’t pay for room and board but does pay a set amount for care services.  The family of a resident who qualifies for LTC may pay some or all of the cost of room and board without affecting the resident’s program eligibility. 

Not all assisted living facilities participate in Medicaid’s LTC program, and those that participate may limit the number of residents who particpate.

Low-income veterans or surviving spouses of veterans may also be eligible for Aid and Attendance or other benfits from the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA), which can help pay for assisted living.

We will share selections from the Guide, here at the Assisted Living Navigator™ blog, on occasion, but you may contact us at any time for your personal copy

Determine Your Loved One’s Needs

Another excerpt from our Consumer Guide to Senior Living Options.

 Your loved one’s living situation should reflect their personal, social and medical needs.  Start by asking your loved one where and how they would like to live, while assuring them you will try to accommodate their wishes.  Ask your loved one’s physician about their medical needs.  Discuss your findings with other family members to gain their input.   Finally, research home care agencies and assisted living facilities in your area to learn about the various services they provide; or consult with an expert in the field who can speak to the various options available locally.

 We will share selections from the Guide, here at the Assisted Living Navigator™ blog, on occasion, but you may contact us at any time for your personal copy

Benefits of Living in the Right Environment

Another excerpt from our Consumer Guide to Senior Living Options.

Living in the right environment can help your loved one prosper and live life to its fullest.  You can extend your loved one’s independence by providing an environment with the appropriate level of medical and personal care.  Accepting a little help walking, today, for example, can reduce the risk for a debilitating hip fracture, tomorrow.  Any senior living arrangement should be as supportive as possible, while still fostering a sense of independence.

A new home often brings new experiences, interests, and friendships in a way that combats loneliness and isolation, which are significant problems in older populations.

The right living environment provides peace of mind for you, your loved one, and the rest of your family.  Choosing the proper level of supervision for your loved one helps everyone sleep soundly at night.

We will share selections from the Guide, here at the Assisted Living Navigator™ blog, on occasion, but you may contact us at any time for your personal copy

Independent Living/Assisted Living Information Kit

Our new 2016 Independent Living/Assisted Living Information Kit © provides background information and answers to commonly asked questions that most families face when considering senior housing options for a loved one.


What’s the difference between independent living and assisted living?
Independent Living Services and Amenities 
   Cost of Independent Living 
   Paying for Independent Living 
Assisted Living Care, Services and Amenities 
   What Assisted Living Facilities in Florida Offer 
   Cost of Assisted Living 
    Memory Care Services and Costs
How do I know which is the better fit? 
Questions to ask before making a final decision about memory care 
Paying for Elder Care 
   Public Benefits & Available Resource 
   How to Pay for Assisted Living 

Contact us today for your copy of the 2016 Independent Living/Assisted Living Information Kit.

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When you work with our local team, you get access to years of local senior housing knowledge and experience in matching clients with the communities that most closely fit their needs.

As we work together I’ll encourage you to:

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  • Breathe easy, as I ease the stress of finding and comparing your best community choices,
  • Ask the right questions on guided tours of communities so you can gather the information you need to make an informed decision.

We are your go-to resource, connecting clients with community and professional resources – attorneys, financial advisors, realtors, move managers, insurance advisors – to name a few.

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Michele’s knowledge of the Assisted Living market was invaluable.  It saved us our time and energy to research the market, sort through their information, and arrange visits.  With Michele’s help we had placed my sister in the new facility within three weeks of engaging her.


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