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Web-based Food Drive Benefits Hillsborough County Charities

tt-tbt-prWe very much appreciate the announcement in this Sunday’s Tampa Tribune ‘North of Tampa’ section of the Tampa Bay Times .  Here are the urls to reach the donation sites directly …

ABC Tampa Bay effort to assist St Vincent de Paul Society 

ABC Hillsborough effort to help Cornerstone Kids


#TBT #fooddrive

Well-planned Transition to Emergency Assistance

Someone asked the other day, “How long does it usually take to help a family find the right community?”  We had just finished discussing a situation where Michele took a call on a Sunday afternoon and had arrangements made for a Monday transfer between communities.  That is a record that will stand for quite some time!  Certainly, this is a unique case and one that is far outside the “usual;” but, it does illustrate the value of working with someone, person to person, who has a detailed knowledge of the market and the connections to make something like that happen.

To get back to the question, placements can be broken down in three broad categories:

  • Emergencybell_curve_3d
  • Normal Discharge
  • Long-term plan in place

We will talk about each of these in future posts, but here is an overview of each:

Emergency placements usually occur if the senior does not have family members locally to help, or there is a drastic change in their situation (like an imminent discharge or their care level exceeds the ability of their current caregivers).  These have been done in under one week – without seriously compromising the level of service.

Normal discharges or transitions, generally, take place over a few weeks.  The family is working toward a scheduled discharge, lease termination or some known, future target date.  That time gives us the opportunity to better know the family’s needs and tour communities.

In the case of carrying out a long-term plan, the family’s health status and financial planning have laid the ground work for a well thought out transition.  We could be working with a family, off and on, over a period of months.

So, the “usual” means around three to four weeks, but the range is one day to nine months!