Did You Know … ?

Here are some interesting facts and figures that most people don’t know …

1. There are over 500 Assisted Living Communities within a 30 minute drive of Tampa, FL.

JR Question (2)Hillsborough: 219 Assisted Living Communities / 6,161 Beds
Pinellas: 200 Assisted Living Communities / 8,199 Beds
Pasco: 57 Assisted Living Communities / 2,618 Beds
Polk: 37 Assisted Living Communities / 2,235 Beds

Or, roughly 2.3% of the 22,000 communities across the US are located in Tampa Bay!

2. VA has 152 medical centers throughout the United States that care for our Veterans. With more than 800 Community Based Outpatient Clinics to support them and an ever growing Telehealth presence there’s more and more accessible care near you. To find your nearest VA health care location visit: http://www2.va.gov/directory/guide/home.asp

3. Signs that it is Time To Seriously Consider Assisted Living

When you start to see these signs, take time to begin researching senior care options:

* Difficulty performing daily activities
* Memory loss
* Medication concerns
* Lack of Socialization
* Fear
* Safety concerns

It’s never too early to get educated.  At Always Best Care we’re experts in the local senior housing market. Contact us for a free consultation to educate you on your best senior care options.  1-813-422-0570

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