6 Myths About Franchising and Senior Care

Source: 6 Myths About Franchising and Senior Care

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Hunger is closer than you think…

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Help Cancel Hunger in the Community!

At Always Best Care we’re happy to be a part of the solution by supporting an easy-to-use, on-line food drive to help our friends at the St. Vincent de Paul conference at St Paul Catholic Church in Tampa, FL.

Please consider helping us reach our goal with your thoughtful, and greatly appreciated, food donation at https://yougivegoods.com/abc-tampa.  Items start at just $4.99 and range up to $25.

Thanks!    Every little bit helps put food on the tables of those in need.

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Raising Children’s Awareness of Dementia with The Forgetful Elephant — #AlzAuthors

My name is Irene Mackay, author of “The Forgetful Elephant,” which explains the memory loss aspect of dementia to young children in a way they can understand. When my Mum was diagnosed with Vascular Dementia in 2010, I had no idea what dementia was. I wish I had, as I would have handled and coped […]

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Long-term Care Scenarios: Best to Worst

Best Case
– Pension / 401k
– Savings
– Maximum Social Security benefits
– LTC insurance

Choices are available: 
Planned transition to appropriate care provider (IHC, IL, AL, SNF)
Time to research and compare

Worse Case
– Insufficient Savings/Income
– Near-term Placement

Limited choices:
Availability “as is”
Reactionary mode
Limited time to make informed decision

Worst Case
– Barely too much income to qualify for Medicaid or VA
– Not enough income to cover ALF expenses and a healthy spouse
– Emergency Placement

Very likely to have limited choices

Whenever and wherever possible:  Plan, do, check, act.  If that’s not possible, know that there are local resources that can help in any case or scenario.